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Hilda  was the spouse of Michael Holl our club president for the 2020-2021 term. Hilda died of cancer on June 3, 2021, near the end of  Mike's term. Hilda was 61 years young.

Our club Foundation board of directors decided that as a lasting tribute to Hilda, and in honor of Michael's term as president, that a new endowment fund should be created. Michael was surprised and grateful for this remarkable gesture of compassion and kindness.

Our Foundation board met with Michael to determine the most appropriate way to honor Hilda, and in doing so serve our communities.

Hilda's Background

Hilda was a kind and thoughtful Hispanic person with a tremendous work ethic. She was the daughter of peach farmer and labor contractor in the Modesto area. Hilda worked the fields at an early age and even drove a semi-truck loaded with peach bins to be processed. Hilda was not afraid to get her hands dirty.

After attending California State University Fresno's School of Business Hilda, with her sister, built two successful businesses in the Central Valley; a retail store named "Nature's Gift" and later a wedding and events business  "Evanshire Gardens". Both of these businesses thrived for decades.

Hilda was a hard and determined worker and businesswoman. Hilda was always willing to help other people succeed. She was very generous with her time,  knowledge, experiences, and her wisdom.

Because of Hilda's business background and Hispanic heritage it was decided that a special scholarship fund for Hispanic women studying to be businesswomen would be the most appropriate tribute.

The funds raised for this scholarship will be used to help Hispanic women business students at our local junior college, Monterey Peninsula College (MPC), and the nearby California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB). A selection committee, headed by Michael Holl, will meet yearly to review and select candidates for the scholarship funds.

Hilda Holl Memorial Scholarship Fund will live in perpetuity as a tribute to her, and as a reminder of her life of caring and concern.

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